CoralFusion Technologies is the worlds leading software company, its corporate office located in Singapore and Chennai.  We provide the best document management system CDOC.   

    We help companies to create a digital workplace and improve their business processes. In general, the digital workplace starts with digitization which means, we convert all your physical documents into digital format. So, once the digitization is achieved, we assist companies to move forward to our digitalization solutions.

      In the digital world, there is no space to load and store tons of papers so, we provide CDOC the best document management system software to enable a paperless environment. We provide many additional features with our solution to make it easy to use.

Our Solutions :

Document Management Software System

Document Management System

Document Management Workflow

Document Management System Software

Document Control System

Document Management Workflow System

Electronic Document Management System

Online Document Management System

Web-based Document Management System

On-Premise Document Management System

Cloud Document Management System

Paperless Office

Incident Management System

Document Workflow System

Electronic Form Builder

Our Services :

Document Digitization Services

Document Scanning and Conversion Services

Mobile Apps Development(Android/iOS)

Website Development

IT Support Services


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