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No company can afford to lose valuable records. However, maintaining paper records is not only a cumbersome task but also takes up valuable storage space. CoralFusion Technologies helps you with resources to preserve the data – by carrying out document scanning services, de-duplication, online data management, customer and enterprise data management, document indexing services, arranging documents and indexing. We are one of the few document scanning company where the scanning and indexing process starts with an end-to-end business assessment that looks at your pain points and identifies what needs to be captured and how. We specialize in providing effective and flexible document scanning and indexing services for a wide range of industries, including, banking and finance, education, retail, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

We are one of the Leading document scanning service providers in Chennai.


The Industries we  Covered:

Human Resources Industry

We help to scan all employee records, appraisal records, leave records and copy to HR Management System.

Insurance Industry

We scan insurance documents like Registration Forms, Renewal, and Claims Processing.

Healthcare Industry

We help to scan all the patient records and medical records, pharmaceutical records.

Legal Industry

We have strong experience in the scanning of legal documents as per guidelines.

Education Industry

We have done some scanning projects on education institutions to scan all records like student registration, admin records, etc...

Banking Industry

We do scan all loan processing forms, customer forms, etc..

Advantages of Digitizing Documents

  • It can be easily cloned, accessed and preserved.

  • It can be securely stored in the local or cloud.

  • Can be quickly retrieved and updated

  • Can be shared quickly

  • It will be flexible with all the modes of data transfer electronically.

  • Can be shared securely − via an encrypted link or as an attachment

  • It can be shared both with internal or external users.

  • It can be updated whenever required − either the metadata or keyword.

  • Can be searched very quickly using the keywords

Document Digitization Process

We provide an efficient service to scan clients' existing paper documents, enabling them to save time, money and storage space and helping organizations move towards a Document Management Solution (DMS). We take boxes of paperwork from customers and scans them to create new digital documents.

1. Collection of Documents

This is the first step of our Document Digitization process wherein we collect the documents from you or we come to your site then start the scan.

2. Document Preparation

Our document digitization services experts will then prepare the documents for digitization by removing staples, paper clips, pins, threads, spiral binds, and other binding materials.

3. Scanning

Using high-end auto-feed scanners, we will scan the document and save it in an image or PDF format based on customer requirements.

4. Conversion

In this stage, we will convert the scanned images into searchable files using OCR and ICR methods. 

5. Indexing

To ensure easy access to the digital document, we will index the files and save it in a format of your choice. 

6. QA Check and Delivery

We run a final QA check and deliver the digitized files to you through our CDOC cloud server, or on an external hard drive, USB.


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