Document Management System

CDOC is an On-premise and Cloud-Based Document Management System where you can store, edit, manage and track your business documents and maintain it in an organized way. The useful features in the CDOC help to handle all the files of your team within this single application. This document management software eases your work by increasing your productivity by reducing costs.

Features Of CDOC

  • Centralized Management of Document Storage

  • Different levels of Access Control

  • PDF Editor (Insert Text, Remove Text)*

  • PDF Compression/Split/Merge/Delete*

  • Document Classification

  • Version Management

  • Indexing & Context Level Search*

  • Centralized User Management

  • Cloud/On-Premise Solution

  • Advanced Search Function

  • Document Audit Report

  • Document Retention

  • Instant Share and Sharable Links

  • Customize based on company needs

  • Mobile App

CDOC Plans

CDOC Document Management System comes with two Plans.

1. Basic DMS 

2. Enterprise DMS

Basic DMS:

It's an installable version and this version comes with limited features and this plan suits individual or small business. CDOC Basic plans is a perpetual licensing, so it only needs to pay for the software cost. It should be a recurring cost, typically annually, for maintenance or support.

Enterprise DMS:

This plan needs customer service to host and this suits for large enterprises. Enterprise has two types and the customer can choose based on their needs. CDOC Enterprise plans is a perpetual licensing, so it only needs to pay for the software cost. It should be a recurring cost, typically annually, for maintenance or support.


1. Enterprise On-Premise DMS

2. Enterprise Cloud DMS 

Enterprise On-Premise DMS

Enterprise Cloud DMS

CDOC on-premises document management solution is for those who intend to store all the data into their local site.  


This license allows more customization as the DMS rests on your server, and you're not limited to contract-level storage. But the up-front cost may be intimidating, IT maintenance may be extra, and you'll need to perform a back-up protocol in case your server goes down.


You'll also be responsible for the security of all your data, so it's important to back it up. This option typically makes sense for larger companies with dedicated IT resources because of its higher technical demands, but it also places you in direct control of your system. Technical support and software updates from the Coralfusion Technologies are usually contingent on whether you continuously renew an annual subscription package. 

Benefits of On-Premise Document Management System

  • Hosted locally so no cloud setup required​

  • Implementation & Maintenace Cost low compared to the Cloud​

  • Without the internet can access the documents.

Cloud document management has grown to be very widespread these days among individuals and businesses. Well, it is all thanks to the fact that the software smoothens everything in the range of document management where users can locate and organize files from the cloud storage.

CDOC offers cloud-based document management software that is hosted in one of the customer cloud servers and made accessible to the organization from anywhere. 


Store, manage and search all your digital files securely within the cloud. When managing documents in the cloud, CDOC cloud-based document management solution is a practical and efficient choice. Best-of-breed cloud-hosted document management systems offer maximum convenience to users. 

Benefits of Cloud Document Management System


  • Not required the IT team to install the software and keep it running properly in the local office. 

  • No server or IT maintenance costs involved locally. 

  • You also can tap into these systems from anywhere that has online access.

  • Mobile Apps

  • Easy cloud backup methods.


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